Why your website is not generating business?

31 Dec 2018

Have you ever thought of Cricket Players playing an international match in Traditional Dresses or a football team dressed in superb party suits going on filed to play a Match. Certainly not, that is because , that would not be the perfect attire to give their best performance on the field. They might look very handsome but that would not serve the purpose.

How to use whatsapp API correctly?

27 Dec 2018

It's really interesting to know that you can actually add a simple API from whatsapp in your digital communication and allow users to start a direct whatsapp communication with you .

Personalization of communication is one of the best way to engage with the customer.

07 Feb 2018

I feel it better when someone calling me or emailing me already knows my name addresses the communication with that. It feels more familiar and connecting. If we apply the same rule in the business communication it works better that as we know that the person who is trying to connect with you already know something about you and he/she might have done some research about you.

Create an online salesman, why hire one?

11 Jul 2017

Every organization needs a sales-man to promote its products or engage with customers to explain the services that the business has to offer. What if, we tell you that the primary responsibility of a sales-man (promotion and customer engagement) can be carried out with a help of owning a simple website. A website would be at your service 24/7. It would not even ask for salary (and other benefits) but only some measure of investment and would work even while you are sleeping.

Is that right platform for your business?

03 Jul 2017

You would hear a lot about using social media to promote your business. After establishing a website, the brilliant idea would be to go for social media sharing. Sharing on social media platforms would increase the business in terms of page visitors, unlimited reach and more customers.

Why your SME needs a responsive website

12 Jun 2017

Do you think Mobile website and Desktop site are same? Your response would probably be yes, because same organization-same website (mobile and desktop), right?

Things you should always avoid while building the site

26 May 2017

1- Insufficient information - Website development is one most important step of creating your online business channel. You need to take maximum information about it.

Kick start your business with a small website

10 May 2017

Why do you need a small website Before we tell you that you need a website for your business, let us discuss about why you would need one in the first place.

Five things that are a must have on your website

28 Apr 2017

Remember the times our elders asked us to make good first impressions. Well, a website acts in similar the manner, it is a first impression of your business.

Go online: Pave the way for your small business to turn big

05 Apr 2017

World became a small place since the digital revolution took place. The reach of small to big businesses has significantly increased, people have no reason to rely on mouth publicity or expensive other forms of promotion.

5 things you should know before you start your website development.

25 Mar 2017

Imagine you have a shop for which you are building a website. You shop name is ABC stores and is situated in 66th Main, RMS layout, Mumbai, India,400002.

What you should keep ready before building the site

10 Mar 2017

1- Be clear with the motive for building the site. Answer few basic questions.
a. Do I just need online presenceb.

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