Personalization of communication is one of the best way to engage with the customer.

Personalization of communication is one of the best way to engage with the customer.
I feel it better when someone calling me or emailing me already knows my name addresses the communication with that. It feels more familiar and connecting. If we apply the same rule in the business communication it works better that as we know that the person who is trying to connect with you already know something about you and he/she might have done some research about you. In this case probability of you taking the conversation ahead is more.
So when we say you make personalised communication , we can actually do ? What kind of personalisation we can have in the communication. Lets try and answer this.
1- Address it to specific person . Example - Hello Mr.Saurabh . Avoid writing WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN, that's a crime in digital communication.

2- Address it to Specific Post - If you know ( you must know ) to whom you are communicating to , then write that specifically in the communication. This has two advantages - 1 If you have written it to the correct post ( person ) he/she will get a clear idea about it. 2- If you have addressed your communication to a wrong post then it will get redirected to the correct post ( person ) by the receiver of the same.
Example - If you have proposed digital marketing services to the general manager, but in that organisation if the decision pertaining to this are being taken by the IT head , then in that case your proposal will get diverted to the correct person ( POST )
Once the gates of the communication is passed, we need to concentrate on what kind of actual personalised communication we need to do in a business communication or marketing communication. There are multiple instance which can be talked about when it comes to business marketing communication.

1- What your customer did in the past This is one of the best thing to talk about. Let your customer know what he/she did in the past. What they have purchased ? what they have liked ? what they have stored ? what they have shared ? What they have added to the wishlist ? how they have rated you ? This gives an opportunity to connect with them over the good or bad experience they might have got in the past. One classic example for this is the new year email SWIGGY had sent in jan 2019. 2- What you have to offer them right now Depending upon the buying behaviour , they likes, dislikes, personal details like birthdates , anniversaries a business can offer best possible products on services to them. Like a cake shop can suggest a customer to buy a cake on the anniversary or on the birthday. A riding gear shop from where a person might had purchased a helmet , could suggest to buy a matching riding jacket to the customer. This kind of customisation works better as , the purchase decision can be influenced. Also these are the incidents where buying is scheduled for the customer, example a cake on a Birthday. Insurance renewal is one of the best example for this, where a insurance marketplace writes a customised email to you just before your car or bike insurance is about to expire. 3- What benefits they can get from your offering Make it very clear , what could be the best offerings you have and what kind of benefits the customer can get out of it. Make an offer , a personalised offer. Like a special discount on your anniversary , birthday where to avail the discount you can use your name as a coupon code. It is better when you make an offer which is specific to someone , that is more promising. Example , when you buy a domain from certain domain providers, their sales team will call you and during the renewal and will provide an extra discount code over a call. This code may not be for you only but , it feels that the code is generated for you and you are the only person who has been given this special offer. 4- How others have already taken the benefit Social Proofing is best. Communicate how other have already taken the advantage of your services or products and how they are satisfied. Try to connect with category of the customer and let them know that people exactly like them are already taking advantage of your products and services. Example consider a builder who is trying to connect with you on linkedin with a simple message that " 95% flats are being booked by the CXO's of the Million dollar companies, get your place booked along with the best of the city". This is a subtitle personalisation, where the builder has targeted you over linkedin with you Job title as the basic criteria and trying to sell you a property where you will be able to find people who are exactly as you. Here the personalisation is not only restricted to your personal life but it is extended to your professional life as well.
Personalisation gives a confidence about the person , brand, business or even a robot. It makes the person feel special by the sheer feeling that someone has taken efforts to know something about them. Personalisation helps in taking a step forward to start a conversation and win a customer.

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