How to use whatsapp API correctly?

How can we use this API

1- SMS campaign - Generally SMS campaign works as a blanket spread and has limited ways of direct response. SMS campaigns can not generally have a direct reply system unless it is made from the Personal Mobile Number ( which obviously has its own disadvantages). SMS campaign has a a weblink or a phone number as a call of action point , which allows the user to either go to the website or call but people prefer have a chat before making any further call sometimes, so in that case WHATSAPP API work good. On clicking on the link people can directly start a conversation with the sender on whatsapp. If the the default message is also set correctly then it becomes easy for the campaigner to identify the WHATSAPP chats easily. ROI of the campaign can be manually tracked as well.

2- Bulk whatsapp campaign - Generally whatsapp campaigns are sent from a server based number and a call of action is stated as web link , phone number to crate further conversations. These links or the phone numbers does not get activated unless the user replies back to these messages. In this case WHATSAPP API becomes easy for the user to start a conversation with just two clicks, no need to save the number even.

3- Email campaigns - Email campaigns are perfect for any direct conversation opportunity as it is comparatively easy to divert traffic from online to online. In this case through email campaigns major concentration is there on sending the user to a website, where the user can see the offer in detail, this works perfect in any online selling business as the process of buying starts and ends there. But in services and products which has a comparatively lengthier buying process , people prefer to have a conversation before even thinking about a decessions. WHATSAPP API allows to have that conversation directly without disclosing the identity. Also email campaigns are sent to personal email IDs and these are seen on mobile devices so for many business who do not have a website or have a non responsive website , it becomes easier to divert a user to whatsapp and start conversation

4- Email Signature - WHATSAPP API can be used in the signature of your email. This gives one more option to the receiver to start a conversation.
Test and use API for your message - your whatsapp number with country code) &text=(Say "Hi")&source=(from where the traffic is diverted)
Use the WHATSAPP API and take an advantage of easy communication.

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