Why your SME needs a responsive website

Do you think Mobile website and Desktop site are same? Your response would probably be yes, because same organization-same website (mobile and desktop), right? It might come as a surprise that both mobile and desktop sites work independently. For an SME business setup, you actually have no requirement of these two websites, separately. Perhaps, there is a simpler way of establishing your presence on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Your ultimate solution would be the website that has adaptive designs, which operates perfectly on the computer and adapted layout on mobile and other devices. This type of website is known as Responsive Website. Responsive websites are designed to have different layout on different screens with same functionalities.
Here are the reasons you need to know why you dont need a mobile website for your business, but you need a responsive site.
Expensive trend: Its simple math, cost for two website would be more than cost of one (maintenance, etc). As already mentioned, when you opt for a mobile site along with the main website (for desktop), you are actually investing in development of two sites, desktop site and mobile site. Whereas when you opt for a responsive website, you invest in the development of a single website it would be designed to work appropriately on different screen sizes (mobile, desktop, etc). You save on the cost of development with
Responsive site. Target audience: While building the site you need to remember your target audience for the site. If your major target audience is B2B then there is a major possibility that a visitor is looking for information related your products and services, which generally would be followed by getting in touch with you. A responsive website is capable enough to get you customer leads. So creating a responsive website with good representation is a good option.
Purpose of the website: If you intend to sale your products online similar to big Ecom giants with tones of traffic coming to your site on daily basis, you probably need a Mobile website. If you need a website just to display your products, services and contact information, it is better to go for a responsive website. A responsive website is going to be capable of getting business leads to you.
Maintenance: A mobile website would not only cost you similar to having a website, but you will also have to take care of the maintenance of the website separately. A mobile website would have different errors and needed services, which would not be solved through the desktop website and vice versa. This means paying double the amount you had decided to invest initially.

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