Is that right platform for your business?

You would hear a lot about using social media to promote your business. After establishing a website, the brilliant idea would be to go for social media sharing. Sharing on social media platforms would increase the business in terms of page visitors, unlimited reach and more customers.

Most people opt for this option but they do not realize that merely sharing on social media would not help your business. You have to have the knowledge of when and where to share. The question here is how to determine which would be the best portal for your business? Investing your resources everywhere would only slow down your progress. So, here is how to find the right social media platform for your business:

Who are your consumers: The best way find out who your consumers are going to be is, to realize what your product is? What service it offers? Who is going to use it? Once you know the answer to these questions, you will have a better understanding of who your target audience is. You can also determine that by understanding the age bracket and locations of your consumers. For example: If your company sells joints pain relief products, then your target audience would belong to the age bracket of 45-85 plus.

Where are they (on the internet): This time it is not about the location, but the portal your audience would be inclined to use. You would not want to promote your products on Facebook when most of your target audience is highly active on Linkedin. If you are an owner of a B2B business then be assured that your crowd is on Linkedin. If your product is for youth, you will fetch more customers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

It is not only about finding the right portal, but also about having the knowledge of marketing your business on that portal. How to market your products on social media portal can be real tricky and would not work if not carried out in a proper manner.

Here are three most important things that should be followed once you have an up and running website:
Social media activation:
What do you do after doing something exciting, communicate it with your friends, right? And what is the best way to announce it? Social media is the answer. People tend to make others aware about their important or exciting events of life through social media posts. You need to do the same thing for your business. When your business is ready with a great website, you share it with others. Communicate about it through social media. The main purpose is to make them aware about your business is to get more views to your website and gain more popularity. Remember your network is your strength.

Google ads/local area based search ads: Google ads formulate an important part of your social media planning. AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service provided by Google for entrepreneurs and businesspersons to publish ads on Google and its network. It gives you the freedom to pick up a budget for your advertising campaign. It is one of the best suitable ad medium for small and local business. Google ads can help your business to be present in front of your target audience when they are actually searching for you.

Email campaign to increase initial traffic: One of the most immediate, personal and effective way of commencing your business promotion is to start an e-mail campaign. You can use data from your existing client base. You can send e-mailers, newsletters, images about your new website, make them aware and try engaging them with your content.

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