Things you should always avoid while building the site

1- Insufficient information - Website development is one most important step of creating your online business channel. You need to take maximum information about it. Know basic before developing the site. Few things you should know before starting web development . This helps in understanding the sales pitch, quotations and delivery reports.
2- Blind trust - trusting anyone or anything blindly is not a great idea. When it is about your website development , it a worst idea. You are allowing someone to build your business channel, so it need to be done in perfect way. Understand what the developer is saying , ask questions, get answers and know reasons for critical actions. For instance for a break shoe Manufacturing company , where possibly the content on the site is not going to be changed in a while , it is advisable to go for Static HTML site where which is faster, safer and cheaper solution. If the developer is asking to go for , CMS ( content management solutions) you should ask him about the cost, time, security, usability and further maintenance. For a company where the content is going to be revised once in 6 months , it is ok to go for a Static solution than for CMS , which is ideal for business which has frequent content revisions.
3- Letting the developer buy the domain. - Domain name is like a your identity on the internet, it is the name of your business on the internet, you should be the owner of the same. When you allow some one else buy the domain, primarily the domain gets registered on his or her name. You can transfer the domain on your name any time , but then why not to do it at the start itself. Buying domain is very easy and fast. What you need is an account with domain providers and an active online payment option. Its always better to have possession of your own domain as apart from your website your mails can also be attached to it.
4- Content duplication - One of the most important part of your website is content. Do not coy it from some other site, create your own content. Technically , copied content can be identified by search engines and this leads to damage in your search rank results. Damage in your search rank means your site becomes less searchable, it becomes difficult to get your site in the search results, which means low traffic which means less or no Business. SEO friendly Original content on the site increases your chances of appearing in search results which leads to more traffic and more business opportunity.
5- Calendar changes - If you have a tentative calendar for web development, communicate the same with development team. It is always good to stick to the calendar and get the work done in decided time ( mutually agreed decided time) . There could be few instances which may bring change in the development or delivery schedule. Apart from 10% to 15% deviation in development schedule , you should avoid any delay. Best way to stick to calendar of development is to create a list of critical objects for the site and additional objects, Critical objects should always be completed in the calendar time. Every deviation in the calendar is actually taking you away from the launch date, business opportunity grabbing.

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