Why your website is not generating business?

Why your website is not generating business?
Have you ever thought of Cricket Players playing an international match in Traditional Dresses or a football team dressed in superb party suits going on filed to play a Match. Certainly not, that is because , that would not be the perfect attire to give their best performance on the field. They might look very handsome but that would not serve the purpose. In the similar fashion , will a batsman be able to tackle a pace bowler with a Plastic bat ? No that would be dangerous as a Plastic bat is not a correct tool to face a season ball.
The same way , have you ever imagined why your website is not performing well, even when it might have good design, good content, tools to capture data etc. The reason could be , your website might not have all of these at the same time. Lets see what could be the major lackoonas a website might have.
1- Design - Having a good attractive design for your website is everyone’s choice but we need to make sure that this Designs should not become a hurdle in the progress of your website. Ideally following points should always be there in the design

  • Suitable for your industry type. Not every attractive design is suitable for your business.
  • It should not have many heavy images , as it will slow down the page loading speed.
  • It should be responsive, that means , your website should adapt to different screen sizes.
  • It should have correct colour combinations.
  • It should have clarity about your products or services.
Example Translog Express / navnath 2- Outdated technology - Understand the technology used for building your website . Understand the purpose of the same and go ahead. Selecting a correct technology is extremely essential as it can have long term effects on the website. Following points should be considered while selecting the technology for the site
  • It should be easy to update , upgrade.
  • Its should be workable on all browsers, devices. ( like flash is old and does not open on Apple devices)
  • It should help speeding up the site and should not work as slowering element. ( Lot of Java scripts on the page may slow down your site )

3- Lack of data collection tools - Website will be able to generate business if it is enabled with correct tools. In most of the cases business will be generated in terms of business queries, registrations, applications etc. This is possible if your website has correct data collection tools. Following points should be considered while placing data collection tools.
  • Primary data collection forms should be short and simple.
  • Forms should be placed at strategic positions with correct input option.

  • All data should gathered at one point and should have facility to bifurcate data.
  • Online Chat option is also a good data collection point.

  • Email subscription is also one good data collection point.

4- Improper ‘On page of SEO’ - Your website should always be optimised for Search engines. Even if you do not go for off page optimization, your website’s on page optimization should always be completed. A well optimised website has more chances to be showcased as a Search results and thus can attract more potential customers. You should always have at least following on your website on page SEO list
  • Page title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image names for all images
  • Proper Header Tags

5- lack of user engagement - A visitor on your website is a Guest, you need to engage him to make sure , he leaves the site on a happy note. Imagine yourself on a website site of real estate developer and your have few questions to ask before you even call their sales guy. In this case a simple online CHAT or FAQ section will help a lot. Your need of information will be served you will move one step upwards towards a qualified customer. These are simple yet engaging factors, these also work as confidence builders. Following are few simple engaging factors which you can have on a website
  • Online Chat
  • Frequently Asked Questions with proper answers
  • WhatsApp chat option and Tap to call option

  • Display of Available and applicable coupon code ( majorly for ecom )
  • Questionnaire ( list of leading questions)

Add On - Most importantly , when you have all these on your website , make sure that you promote your website well, the more number of people it will reach more visibility it will have and probability of generating leads will increase. A well built website without proper promotion will generate no results and can remain just as a digital showpiece. Where as a well build website with proper promotion will work as a Digital Sales man.

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