Tell your story here and be visible everywhere.

For any business it is always the best strategy to be visible at those places which are highly viewed and visited by its potential customers .Here is a list of most viewed, easy to use and Free to use channels, where you should place your business.

1- Facebook Page Post -
Make sure your business is well represented on this most widely used platform. Facebook posts are of different types and it offers different creative ways to communicate with your audience. Pics and Videos are the most commonly used post types, but apart from that you can different type of posts based on the topic you are communicating. Some of the effective posts types are - Text ( status messages ) , GIF , Polls, Tagged Product pots, Links, Carousel Photos, Albums , Notes etc. You can creatively use these to communicate with your audience.

2- Facebook Story -
Facebook stories are widely viewed by Facebook users. Stories are only live for 24 hours ( from the time the story is posted) but it can give you maximum mileage in that short time frame as well. You can add different filters, text options , GIF animation to your Facebook Story creative. Note - you can add multiple images or Videos in one story.

3- Instagram Post -
Instagram is another extremely LIVE social media platform and has super active user base. Instagram post is one appropriate way to present your business with most appealing visuals. As the platform uses '#' to identify topics and showcase it to the correct audience, it is the best way to represent your business to your target audience using relevant Hashtags..

4-Instagram Story -
Use Instagram stories to reach more people and allow them to take respond to your communication. These stories are also live for 24 hours.You can add different filters, text options , GIF animation to your insta story creative. Presence and promotion through insta stories has better success rate. Note - you can add multiple images or Videos in one story

5- WhatsApp Status -
As well use whatsapp regularly, users have developed a tendency to check whatsapp status on regular basis. You can add multiple images or Videos in one story. WhatsApp stories also allow viewers to respond back to the story. This is one good way to collect feedback about your communication.

6- Google My business Posts -
This is one easier way to represent your business on Google. You can create google business page and add post to the same. Once your Google My Business page ia active, people can see that page as well as your posts in search results. These posts can be of different types, such as Pics, offers, Product tags, Events or even simple text. You can specify a call of action button for these posts and can choose from multiple options ranging from 'Call Now' to 'Website visits'

Using these 6 platform tools you can make your business visible on most viewed places on Social media , Google search as well as in the personal messenger app.

Be Visible, Be Salable.

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