Their business story made a news !!!

Recently one of our client got featured in a National Financial Daily. A small and that too non funded start up got featured in the news and gained eyeballs from many potential customers.

One digital PR Activity made them present on One of the leading National Financial Daily & 110 other googled websites. They experienced 24 times more traffic on their multi vendor E com Store and their vendors experienced 500% growth in the sales, post campaign. This ROI driven campaign lead to increase in the vendor registration queries and positive boost for the existing vendors.

They became famous and converted the fame in more business.

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In the most competitive market where BIG brands dominate almost every sector , DIGITAL PR is one effective way to gain maximum reach, attention , fame, branding, recognition and business development opportunities for SMEs

Here are few quick reasons why you should consider DIGITAL PR as your Marketing Strategy

1.Branding and Recognition by getting associated with a National Daily
2.Wider reach with national viewers
3.Viewership from Potential customers
4.Actions like , visits , purchase , inquiry on your Digital Channels
5.Great boost for your website SEO
6.Being discover able by even the remotest Potential customers
7.Opportunity to present as a Subject matter expert in your sector.
8.A perpetual link on the web to tell your story
9.Easy and ready to share content for your Social Media Channels
10.Great Business opportunities

Increase your chance to gain more customers by presenting your business effectively on the internet.

Let's work together to make a strong presence on the internet and win customers 24x7.

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