Five things that are a must have on your website

Remember the times our elders asked us to make good first impressions. Well, a website acts in similar the manner, it is a first impression of your business. A website represents your business, big or small it would make an impression. It is completely up to you that how you would like to make a first impression. However, here are five must-have features on the website:
Homepage: Once the client enters your website, the first thing that will appear is going to be your homepage. Like the first impression, the homepage has to be updated. The things that you will have to be careful about are the good images (with good quality), content (300 words preferred).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): In simple terms, SEO is the process of getting page views i.e. more visitors on your website. There are various ways that help speed up your websites search engine ranking, such as using the correct key words, meta description, page titles, etc. A SEO friendly website has absolutely higher opportunity to get right visitors.
Website Structure: While having a great homepage and SEO strategy, it is necessary to have a simple structure of your website. Most websites lose their visitors because of the complex structure. According to a research a visitor spend approximately 30 seconds in search of an answer. Therefore, it becomes important to have a simple structure, well organized tabs and pages.
Errors: Well, its not a must have, its a must not to have errors on your website is a must have. It is very common to reach web page not available or Error 404, but you would not want clients to have the same experience on your website. Its important to have a well maintained website, make sure that your linked (tabs) pages are active and connected.
Contact Information: Your contact information is the main link between you and your client. If your visitor or client has a query or wishes to discuss business, they should be able to reach you easily. You can share your contact number, e-mail ID, address. These days people even share links to their social media pages of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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