Do you remember what all things are there in your Email Signature?

Do you remember what all things are there in your Email Signature? Here are the best practices for an email signature.

1- Make sure your email signature has your Name, Phone Number [atleast one of these- mobile, landline]

2- Your website address starting with 'www'. On click, the website should open in new Tab always.

3- Social Media links. If you are a part of an organization, then it should social media links to your organization. If your are an individual running any business, then your signature must carry your Linkedin profile link. All links should open in a new tab.

4- Logo of your business entity should be present. This image should not be more than 20 KB. The logo should be linked to your website, on click, it should open your website in a new tab.

5- Your key contact details should be in the same font color as your email body.

6- Use different colors for different links

7- Showcase your Blogs, events through your email signatur ( Check out Our new Blog about 5 FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS )

8- Do not use multiple font sizes and fonts in your Email Signature.

9- Your email signature should never contain a link that is coined as the dangerous website by google webserver. It was land all your outgoing mails in the SPAM folder.

10 - Make sure the email signature is not too lengthy and looks balanced.

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