Boost your Business with these 5 Facebook promotions. [Tested and Verified]

We all know Facebook is the most widely used Social media platform in India and we could find almost everyone on it, thus making it a perfect platform for business to find a potenttial customer.

Here is a list of 5 Facebook communication properties which any business should use to reach out to its potential customers.

1 Facebook Story :
Facebook stories are widely viewed by users. Stories are only live for 24 hours ( from the time the story is posted) but it can give you maximum mileage in that short time frame as well. You can add different filters, text options , GIF animation to your Facebook Story creative. Note - you can add multiple images or Videos in one story.

2 Facebook Post :
Make sure your business is well represented on this most widely used platform. Facebook posts are of different types and it offers different creative ways to communicate with your audience. Pics and Videos are the most commonly used post types, but apart from that you can different type of posts based on the topic you are communicating. Some of the effective posts types are - Text ( status messages ) , GIF , Polls, Tagged Product pots, Links, Carousel Photos, Albums , Notes etc. You can creatively use these to communicate with your audience.

3 Facebook ads :
Believe it or but Facebook is one of the most widely used advertising platform. Reaching more audience is absolutely possible with Facebook ads. Facebook ads are paid advertisements, which can be created through Facebook ads manager. Facebook offers a variety of advertising options based on different motives. Some of the most popular ad types are - Facebook Like ads, lead ads, video view ads, Get message ads and store visit ads. In most of the cases minimum budget can for the Facebook ads can be as low as Rs.40/day. Using the correct motive and perfectly selected audience business can communicate effectively with your potential customers.

4 Messenger :
This is the most effective way of communication on Facebook. You can use messenger in different ways.

  • You can reach more people using messenger ads , this allows you to reach directly in persons inbox ( Facebook messenger users inbox)
  • You can set up auto reply and quick reply for standard questions
  • You can prompt people to ask you a question which you want them to ask
  • You can create a conversation with one to one dialogue.

5 Facebook Groups :
These are one more effective property on Facebook which can be used for business promotion. Facebook has many user generated groups which are created for specific purpose. Business owners can identify suitable groups to their product and services and can promote their business in the group. Content such as , offers, promotions, launch news, contest etc work better in groups.

Facebook offers a variety of communication modes for its users and this makes the platform more vibrant and active. As the people from all the strata can be found and targeted on Facebook, its more like a hygiene factor for every business to be on Facebook and communicate regularly.

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