Increase your business productivity with Google tools. Know them, use them.

There would hardly any person who does not use Google. From search to Gmail , we all have used Google products. In Fact we are so used to Google products that brand Google has become been converted from just noun to verb, where 'Google it used as a Synonym for Search it'.

Apart from making our searches better and emailing faster , Google also have some superb features which we can actually use to increase our Business Productivity. Today we will see some of the easy to use Google apps which can make your life easy and business more productive.

1- Gmail for business - Its a paid version of Gmail, where instead of having as the domain , you can actually have your company domain in your email id.
Eg- instead of having you can have This way your email address will look more professional and you can still have the ease of gmail. This service can be purchased from G Suite and every email id with 30 GB space cost less than Rs.3000 per year.

2- Google Calendar - This is one of the best way to keep track of all your scheduled tasks and see all of them in one go. Scheduling an appointment of task through google calendar is very easy. If you are about to schedule any meeting with someone , you can also invite the participants to confirm the same using google calendar, this way any miscommunication can be avoided.

3- Google Drive - One of the easiest way to store your data and make it available 24x7 at any place and on any devices. You can store , share , read and edit data on the go using google drive. You can control the access of the stored data and share it with only specific people of your choice. In case you want the data ( say a file of your work portfolio) to be seen by everyone on the internet then you can do that as well and remove all restrictions of visibility. Google drive makes your stored data available everywhere and accessible through any devices ( of course with legitimate login credentials ) , this is ideal for those who collect and store data from multiple places.

4- Google Sheets , Docs - These two are very effective apps for business.If you are familiar with MS WORD and MS EXCEL, then you can easily use Google Docs and Sheets. As both these apps are cloud based apps, you can simply login to you google account and start using the applications. To use these apps on mobile devices, you will have to download respective applications on your device. Sheets can be used effectively for managing your sales data, your appointment schedule, leads , inventory and even your daily expenses.

5- Google Keep - Its an easy app to write and maintain your notes. This also allows you to add reminders within a note. You can also share this note with others to add or edit content. This is a very useful google tool for those who take notes at multiple times in a day and have lot of reminders to set. This is one way you can also schedule and track work with your team.

6- Google My Business - This is must have for your business. Google My Business allows you to create small page for your business on google network, which ideally meant to showcase your business as a relevant search result. This helps you increase your visibility and also allow uses to Call, Visit your website or send message to you directly from the search result. You should also pictures of your business as that also works as attraction point. Google My Business allow users to review business and this is a best way to show your credibility. You can ask your customers to provide reviews to your business as better the review better are the chances of people visiting your business. You can also posts about offers, products services or products on your Google My Business page.

7- Google Forms - These can be used as a easy replacement for data entry. From expense recording to lead data management everything can be done with simple google forms. Data entered from Google lead form can be stored in a Google sheet and can be made available for further usage.

All the above features can be utilized with a one simple sign up to G Suite .

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