Generally, all entrepreneurs are so busy in their day to day work that they do not get time to check, refine and redefine their sales channels.

Generally, all entrepreneurs are so busy in their day to day work that they do not get time to check, refine and redefine their sales channels. With the current situation where we are living in a Global village, one of our primary sales tool and an important sales channel is our digital presence. Before your client meets you, he possibly checks your digital presence, that could be your website, your social media presence, your WhatsApp message, the business videos you share or even its the email signature you have. We need to focus on all these digital properties and create multiple business opportunities.

Generally, a website is forgotten the day it goes live and it loses its importance over the period of time. Unfortunately, in this case, a business shuts the door of one revenue channel. Not exactly the same, but a similar situation happens to social media presence; as it gets an image of a cost centre, rather than getting an image opportunity creator.

Here are a few steps to take right now to make sure your digital channels are working fine.

1- Make Sure your website has correct and updated content and pictures.

2- Check all the contact numbers, email ids are correct and all links to you social media channels are correct as well.

3- Make sure the enquiry form on your website is working fine. Do a few test enquiries by yourself.

4- If you have integrated online chat option, make sure it is working fine and if you have assigned someone to answer the queries, then check if those are being answered on time or not.

5- Check if you have received any messages on any of your social media channels. If there are unanswered messages, answer those as soon as possible.

6- Check if your website is ranking on Google. If it is not, then it may be a time to work on search engine marketing.

7- Check if the website is working fine on any mobile device. In this age, your website has to be responsive and should open on any mobile device.

8- If you are using WhatsApp for business, check if there is an unattended message.

9- Check if you have missed on any of the leads you might have received through your website.

10- Check and note the who possess the domain of your website. If someone else has bought the domain for your, please ask the person to pass the domain ownership to you. Note the domain renewal date as well.

The problem lies in the treatment, these channels get. Consider these channels as an opportunity creator for your business. A well managed Social media channel can create awareness about your business like no one else can and your website can work as your online salesman and generate business opportunities for you. Your attention and some time dedication can make this impossible-looking thing possible.

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