A very simple question and very simplistic answer


Ever since this lockdown was ordered, we are facing four major restrictions; reduced communication, reduced connect, reduced opportunities, and reduced sales. Do you feel that these restrictions and its effects need to be neutralised?

In our business life cycles, we do not necessarily sell every time; many times we invest our efforts to build strong relationships, effectively connect with people, and make good conversations. We have these conversations in different ways. We meet, we call and at times when we have to reach out to a large number of people we advertise. But this lockdown has created huge challenges for any of the business development and sales tools to be implemented effectively.

Businesses are losing customer connect as a result of near-zero advertising. Pamphlets are designed, but no one to print them. Brochures are printed, but there is nobody to meet and hand them over. Hoardings are up, but there is no one to see or read it. Even television advertisements have lost their effectiveness as the viewer has shifted from private channels to good old DD.

In these current times, when these conventional forms of advertising are not working the question that arises is; where the audience is and what they are doing?

Audiences who were accessing content from the print, television, and outdoor media are now consuming content available on digital platforms, including OTT platforms.

Look around us; we are attending business meetings on digital platforms, we are banking online, we are buying groceries, fruits, vegetables, and medicines online. We are also connecting to online entertainment services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and other providers for our dose of daily entertainment.

Our preferences and habits have changed, we have shifted to online platforms. The majority of us are online content consumers and are highly influenced by digital advertisements.

The digital wave is on and it's high. It's time to ride this wave. Make your business ready for the digital wave and stay ahead of the competition.

Here is the 3 A theory that will help you ride this wave effectively.

Remember these three magic words Addiction Absorption Adaptation

1.Your consumers are addicted to digital platforms
2.Your consumers are absorbing quality digital content
3.It's time for you to adapt to the digital platform and communicate effectively.

Remember, we just have to communicate that we are there in the business and we really want to get connected with our customers. We don't necessarily have to sell every time, we just have to communicate and be ready to engage in an engrossing conversation.

To give you a quick tip, here is what you can do:

1.Plan to make digital advertising and communication as your primary marketing channel
2. Build your online sales channel but creating virtual stores for your products and virtual offices for your services
3.Strategise your post-sales communication through digital platforms

Most importantly, in this current situation, we must take the opportunity to talk to different people, experts, discuss business opportunities, and take their opinions. This will help you to take an informed and enabled step towards the digital world.

Let's work together to make a strong presence on the internet and win customers 24x7.

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